The Cost of a Negligent Amputation

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The Amputee Coalition ( states that over 185,000 Americans become amputees every year and that there are almost 2 million now living with limb loss. In the US, the leading causes of amputation are blood vessel diseases, but many are also due to traumatic injuries or infection.

Costs of Limb Loss

Amputees will require medical services associated with their limb loss for the rest of their lives. Early on, the services will involve wound care and other treatments for the trauma. Later services will often include the fabrication and servicing of a prosthetic along with physical therapy that will enable them to once again become independent. In cases where mobility is an issue and wheelchairs are needed, the cost of the wheelchairs and the modifications to the amputee’s home must be addressed.

Types of Limb Loss Claims

The circumstances of each limb loss case will differ, and that will determine the kind of claim that the victim will file. The most common types of claims filed in amputation cases are:

Personal Injury Claim

The limb was lost because of an accident wherein another party was negligent; the victim may be entitled to damages from the person who caused the accident. The way to seek those damages is with a personal injury lawsuit. With this type of claim, you are going to want to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Medical Malpractice Claim

Hospitals and physicians make errors all the time, and in some cases, those errors can result in a patient’s limb being amputated. For example, a physician’s wrong diagnosis can result in a patient getting an amputation unnecessarily. Similarly, if a patient has an untreated infection, it can cause them to lose a limb. In some cases, hospitals have amputated the wrong patient’s limbs. In these cases, a medical malpractice lawsuit may be warranted.

Workers’ Compensation

A worker who suffers an injury on the job that results in them losing a limb will have the right to seek workers’ compensation. They will be entitled to it even if their own negligence played a part in the accident.

Whatever the cause of the amputation, it will be helpful to secure the services of an amputation lawyer. Civil suits are complex, and a claimant may risk their settlement if they proceed without an attorney’s guidance. No amount of money can compensate for losing a limb, but an accident victim should not have to cover the costs associated with someone else’s negligence. Liable parties should compensate their victims fully.


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